FINTECHNEXT Speaker Series (Dr. Nikiforos Panourgias, University of Leicester, Thursday, September 19th): Social Studies of Finance: Implications for Fintech Research

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FINTECHNEXT Speaker Series

Dr. Nikiforos Panourgias  

University of Leicester

Thursday  September 19th

10 am

Venue: WW­_8

Social Studies of Finance: Implications for Fintech Research

Speaker Biography

Dr Panourgias is currently an Associate Professor in Financial Market Information Systems at the University of Leicester. Before joining the University of Leicester School of Business in November 2013, he was Assistant Professor at the Information Systems Management Group of Warwick Business School at the University of Warwick. For his PhD at the London School of Economics and Political Science, he studied the design and development of the Euroclear ICT-based platform for the cross-border settlement of securities transactions between the UK and Ireland, France, Belgium, and Holland. The PhD was supported through funding from a Royal Dutch Shell Bursary for the study of Information Systems (January 2004-December 2005), an EPSRC doctoral studentship (January 2004-December 2007), and CARR Deutsche Bank Research Student Funding (April 2008). While at the LSE he was also a Research Student at the Centre for the Assessment of Risk and Regulation (CARR).

Before his PhD he worked as a journalist and industry analyst covering the areas of investment and finance in e-business and the internet sector. His research has been published in world leading Journals including Information Systems Research, Organization Studies and Information and Organisation. His research interests include Technology and Financial Markets, Digital Creativity and Innovation and Collaboration in Digital Innovation.


Selected Publications

Henfridsson, O., Nandhakumar, J., Scarborough, H., and Panourgias, N.S. ‘Recombination in the open-ended value landscape of digital innovation’, Information and Organization, 28(2), 89-100, (June 2018).

Panourgias, N.S., Capital markets integration: A sociotechnical study of the development of a cross-border securities settlement system. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 99, pp.317-338, (November 2015).

Scarbrough, H., Panourgias, N. S. and Nandhakumar, J. ‘Developing a Relational View of the Organizing Role of Objects: A study of the innovation process in computer games’. Organization Studies, (January 2015).

Panourgias, N.S., Nandhakumar, J., and Scarbrough H., ‘Entanglements of creative agency and digital technology: a sociomaterial study of computer games development’; Technological Forecasting & Social Change, (January 2014).

Nandhakumar, J., Panourgias, N.S., and Scarbrough H., ‘From knowing it to ‘getting it’: Envisioning practices in computer games development’; Information Systems Research, (December 2013).

Millo Y., Muniesa F., Panourgias N.S. and Scott S.V. ‘Organised detachment: Clearinghouse mechanisms in financial markets’; Information and Organization, Volume 15, Issue 3, July 2005, Pages 229-246.

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