FINTECHNEXT is a multi-million euro, four-year collaborative research programme between University College Cork and Fexco, supported by Science Foundation Ireland.

FINTECHNEXT’s objective is to undertake collaborative research focussed on technological innovation in financial services that will have a significant impact on the economy and society through:

  • Advancing scientific knowledge through creation and discovery and
  • Facilitating the development of highly innovative new products and services for commercialisation.

Therefore, the FEXCO/UCC partnership will research next-generation technologies in the financial services sector, towards delivering a FinTech toolset that both informs excellence in science and drives commercialisation efforts.

The output from the new high impact research will be:

  • Multiple scientific outputs in world-leading journals, enabling knowledge dissemination and
  • Development of highly innovative IP for commercialisation, enabling job creation and having societal impact.



FINTECHNEXT will directly result in the creation of multiple highly skilled research positions. FINTECHNEXT will assist in playing a central role in showcasing the region as a potential destination of choice for large financial services organisations to locate their R&D activities, through the availability of commercial partners to co-create with and a high skilled workforce.


From a learning perspective, there are significant benefits for individuals within the research teams. The project provides the opportunity for significant knowledge transfer between the research team and their FEXCO colleagues. This will lead to significant benefits, both at individual and organizational levels, resulting in new ideation.


The FINTECHNEXT initiative will contribute to the growth of the reputation of the region as a destination for Fintech innovation. It will ensure that the region’s reputation is enhanced and serve to both deepen existing relations and create new ones.


The FINTECHNEXT initiative will have significant societal benefits. It will serve to increase employment and opportunities in the Kerry region. The influence of the digital economy, information technology, and engineering will be the driving force in balancing the rural economy for the South West Region.